Facilitating self-conscious community

Developing self-conscious community
Enabling self-conscious community identification
Enabling authentic community participation. The catalytic effect is specific groups participating in community decision-making.
An integral part of enabling community engagement though societal education, to allow the creative participation of each individual in world wide social structures.
Tactics include: participation enablement to provide enablement structures that free every person to participate; decision-making enablement to free the wisdom of all groups and ages of people to take part in decision-making; historical identity to bring to self consciousness the wisdom of the past so as to order the future more effectively; interest motivation to provide activities that will motivate participation in the community; and global context to broaden an individual's experience of participation in the global community. An example is minority groups and elders engaged in creative community planning.
Community participation and management must be initiated and implemented by communities themselves. Those who choose to support such processes must respect the internal workings, the internal processes of each community, its organizations and its people without violating those processes, and without imposing external demands. The role should be one of supporting and facilitating local initiatives.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies