Arranging individual elements into a coherent unity or functioning whole of interdependent parts. Characteristics of organization, whether of a living organism or a society, are notions like those of wholeness, growth, differentiation, hierarchical order, dominance, control, [etc], many of which are preponderant in most biological and social phenomena.


The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the nonobvious (Oswald Spengler).

Holding insights
Organizing groups
Organizing regattas
Organizing consumers
Organizing resources
Holding work protests
Organizing work camps
Organizing tournaments
Organizing trade fairs
Performing choral music
Investigating war crimes
Organizing championships
Organizing film festivals
Organizing land ownership
Organizing local seminars
Arranging training courses
Organizing Islamic summits
Organizing philatelic press
Organizing regular work days
Organizing theatre festivals
Organizing world development
Organizing disaster exercises
Organizing scientific courses
Organizing children's villages
Organizing transfer of methods
Organizing east west exchanges
Organizing world championships
Organizing hockey competitions
Organizing international decade
Organizing world food resources
Organizing active guild network
Organizing comprehensive skills
Organizing international decades
Organizing lobby spokesman group
Organizing common group ventures
Organizing professional exchange
Organizing post graduate courses
Organizing international courses
Arranging meetings among lawyers
Organizing institute of space law
Organizing corporate work efforts
Organizing systematic work forces
Organizing international seminars
Organizing international exchange
Organizing postgraduate education
Organizing international holidays
Organizing badminton championships
Organizing alternative travel means
Organizing dependable travel system
Organizing skilled trade activities
Organizing international investment
Organizing international exhibition
Organizing world ploughing contests
Organizing assembly production units
Organizing public maintenance forces
Organizing relevant social groupings
Organizing international cablemakers
Organizing regularly scheduled travel
Organizing supportive adult auxiliary
Organizing scheduled social occasions
Organizing local commercial expertise
Organizing annual world championships
Organizing international competitions
Organizing supportive adult engagement
Organizing scattered individual assets
Organizing international championships
Organizing enthusiastic town supporters
Organizing catalogue of local abilities
Organizing better economic relationships
Organizing local commercial opportunities
Organizing resident enrichment excursions
Organizing red cross international relief
Organizing industrial workers of the world
Organizing operational consensus structures
Organizing international law advisory bodies
Organizing co-operative preschool structures
Organizing aid to national olympic committees
Organizing frequent recreational opportunities
Providing work force organization
Organizing cross-cultural endeavours
Organizing forces of service
Forming worker organizations
Organizing social services
Organizing administrations
Organizing information
Organizing knowledge
Organizing societies
Organizing movements
Organizing actions
Managing resources
Organizing events
Organizing youth
Organizing time
Self organizing
Type Classification:
B: Basic universal strategies