Global Strategies & Solutions

Over the ages humans have recognised problems they face, and have devised and implemented solutions and strategies to overcome them. But what was the problem and logic behind these strategies, how were they implemented, and what were their outcomes - positive or negative, deliberate or unintended? The Global Strategies and Solutions section of the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential is an ongoing attempt to record and map the relationships between any strategies and solutions that humanity actually or potentially uses, in the hopes that a better overall understanding of which would greatly enhance our ability to formulate effective strategies to global problems.

The Global Strategies and Solutions section details this problem and over 32,000 others and the 280,000 relationships between them - from Awarding prizes, Breaking down cultural isolation and Campaigning, to Wishing and Using witchcraft. The strategies presented are those recognized by over 69,000 international organizations including IGOs, NGOs and other bodies (profiled in the Yearbook of International Organizations). Some strategies may be recognized by many organizations, others may only be recognized by loose networks, movements or isolated groups of experts.

Strategy Strategy Type
Supporting-Opposing P: Strategy polarities
Being mindful B: Basic universal strategies
Giving attention to socially-relevant research G: Very Specific strategies
Counterfeiting sporting goods G: Very Specific strategies
Channelling signs and wonders F: Exceptional strategies
Withholding medical information G: Very Specific strategies
Enabling early learning process E: Emanations of other strategies
Aggravating cyclical recession E: Emanations of other strategies
Eliciting community consciousness F: Exceptional strategies
Limiting individual attention span F: Exceptional strategies
Preventing unlawful rewarding of public servants E: Emanations of other strategies
Releasing local power F: Exceptional strategies
Stabilizing trade B: Basic universal strategies
Trading partners G: Very Specific strategies
Abstaining from motivating collegial relationships G: Very Specific strategies
Conducting regular advisory workshops G: Very Specific strategies
Defending religious liberty E: Emanations of other strategies
Exposing vindictive litigation G: Very Specific strategies
Educating adults on prevention of communicable diseases G: Very Specific strategies
Imagining A: Abstract fundamental strategies
Sharing expensive industrial resources G: Very Specific strategies
Orienting-Diverting P: Strategy polarities
Creating university networks D: Detailed strategies
Addressing failure of programmes against problems F: Exceptional strategies
Purifying-Contaminating P: Strategy polarities
Determining types of production mechanisms G: Very Specific strategies
Expanding-Contracting P: Strategy polarities
Reducing protectionism in the telecommunications industries G: Very Specific strategies
Ensuring capable aircraft pilots E: Emanations of other strategies
Providing counsel B: Basic universal strategies
Abstaining from manpower planning F: Exceptional strategies
Negotiating disputes among allies G: Very Specific strategies
Protecting marine wildlife from pollution G: Very Specific strategies
Initiating citizen safety measures G: Very Specific strategies
Organizing systematic work forces G: Very Specific strategies
Eroding human capital B: Basic universal strategies
Applying scientific reasoning B: Basic universal strategies
Preventing displacement of human intelligence by artificial intelligence E: Emanations of other strategies
Preventing psychotic incoherence through self awareness F: Exceptional strategies
Reducing contract killing G: Very Specific strategies
Claiming industrial intimidation G: Very Specific strategies
Breaking hearts F: Exceptional strategies
Neglecting maintenance F: Exceptional strategies
Cheering-Saddening P: Strategy polarities
Undertaking global sourcing F: Exceptional strategies
Increasing individual responsibility D: Detailed strategies
Hindering sustainable development F: Exceptional strategies
Exposing bureaucratic inefficiency G: Very Specific strategies
Integrating young people into labour market D: Detailed strategies
Minimizing dirty occupations E: Emanations of other strategies