World Problems & Global Issues

The Encyclopedia includes problems which such groups choose to perceive and act upon, whether or not their existence is denied by others claiming greater expertise. Indeed such claims and counter-claims figure in many of the problem descriptions in order to reflect the often paralyzing dynamics of international debate. In the light of the interdependence demonstrated among world problems in every sector, emphasis is placed on the need for approaches which are sufficiently complex to encompass the factions, conflicts and rival worldviews that undermine collective initiative towards a promising future.

The number of world problems now exceeds 56,000. Problems included are those identified in international periodicals but especially in the documents of some 28,000 international non-profit organizations, profiled in the complementary Yearbook of International Organizations.

Problem Problem Type
Mentally ill prisoners E: Emanations of other problems
Covert intelligence agency operations D: Detailed problems
Insufficient councilman support G: Very specific problems
Maltreatment of animals for the media E: Emanations of other problems
Inundation of wildlife habitats through dams E: Emanations of other problems
Enforced curtailment of living standards in borrower nations E: Emanations of other problems
Backlash against repeated warnings F: Fuzzy exceptional problems
Dissociative amnesia G: Very specific problems
Undeveloped equipment plan G: Very specific problems
Cold haemolytic disease in animals G: Very specific problems
Umbilical cord prolapse G: Very specific problems
Non-cardiac chest pain G: Very specific problems
Multi-drug abuse D: Detailed problems
Laennec's cirrhosis G: Very specific problems
Hazards of oil-palm industry G: Very specific problems
Exploitation in rural pricing G: Very specific problems
Taboos against eating poultry E: Emanations of other problems
Inherited retinopathies G: Very specific problems
Aerospace monopolies E: Emanations of other problems
International trade in endangered Protokaryota E: Emanations of other problems
Anti-capitalism F: Fuzzy exceptional problems
Road traffic violations E: Emanations of other problems
Socially handicapped refugees D: Detailed problems
Cancer of the endocrine glands G: Very specific problems