Workers uninterested in production

Visualization of narrower problems
Lack of work commitment
Minimal vocational commitment
Unwillingness to work
Erosion of work ethic
Discouraged workers
Corporate disloyalty
Lack of worker loyalty to corporations
Undeveloped work ethic
Apathy to work
Unaccountable employees
Often those least interested in participation in production unit decision-making are the workers themselves, who fail to see their role as being significant either to themselves or to others.
With the increasing 'flexibilization' of labour and 'outsourcing' of work, it is already the case that most workers of an organization are not its employees. Even if in 20 years time, the majority of managers and professionals are still employees of the organizations they work for, the psychology of the work force -- especially of the knowledge work force -- will largely be determined by the large minority who are not employees of that organization. This means that organizations had better stop talking about 'loyalty'. They will have to earn the trust of the people who work for them, whether these people are their own employees or not.
(E) Emanations of other problems