Women combatants

Women soldiers
Discrimination against women in military forces
Sexual harassment in armed forces
Active prejudice towards female soldiers
In the USA in 1990, official reports indicated that more than one third of the women surveyed experienced some form of direct harassment, including touching, rape and pressure for sexual favours.
Women military personnel have a high attrition rate due to pregnancy, up to 1 in 10 of enlisted women. Fraternization and providing separate bathrooms and sleeping quarters interfere with combat division operations. Protectiveness of men toward women hampers combat performance. Women have less strength and endurance than men. Politically women in combat is impossible. The prospect of having mothers and daughters return home in body bags is far more repellent than fathers and sons killed in action.
In a high tech army strength and endurance is of little consequence. Women can be as or more ruthless as men. In many types of duty women are frequently more qualified than available men. Third world and peoples' guerrilla armies make far use of women soldiers than western countries.
(E) Emanations of other problems