White slave trade

The white slave trade primarily involves women for prostitution or concubinage purposes and is mainly effected by means of kidnapping or false enticement. It is subsequently followed by the use of force, threats, drugs, mistreatment or torture in order to break down resistance. Many victims are eventually murdered and some commit suicide. Few ever return to lead normal lives in society.
White slaves may be destined for harems or brothels in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, or Europe. Alternatively, they may be exploited as prostitutes and call-girls in their own country by pimps of the same nationality who generally recruit them from young runaway girls who have just arrived in the city. White slaves destined for export may be kidnapped or enticed by false 'show-business' advertisements. According to INTERPOL, information was provided by 17 countries on the recruitment of foreign women under 'seemingly normal contracts' for prostitutional purposes.
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