Violation of rights of transsexuals

Discrimination against transsexuals
Denial of the rights of transsexuals
Active prejudice towards transsexuality
Transsexuals reject the gender assigned to them, of which they have the complete morphology and even the genetic structure. They have a strong feeling and a deeply rooted belief that they belong to the opposite sex. Psychologically, they find their situation incongruous and feel alienation [vis-à-vis] their body and for their genital organs. They desire to live as a member of the opposite sex and they seek to change their sexual appearance through hormones and surgery. The rights of transsexuals are violated in a number of ways. They may be refused hormone treatments and surgery. If they are allowed medical treatment they may be refused the right to change their civil status, their social security and welfare records, their birth certificate and their identity papers. They may be refused the right to marry. Their rights to have a private live may be violated.
Aggravated by 
(E) Emanations of other problems