Unethical practices of public service employees

Visualization of narrower problems
Irresponsible civil servants
Negligent public service employees
Corruption of civil servants
Misrepresentation of government authority
Criminal uses of the public service
Abuse of public interest
Embezzlement of public funds
Incompetent public officers
Bribery of civil servants
Employees of government are able to exploit such a position to their personal advantage or to that of others they may favour. Where the employee is in direct contact with outsiders requesting services (processing documents, supplying licenses, approving applications, etc), such services may only be provided (rapidly) following "under-the-table" payments.
1. Official deceit, disinformation and dissembling are now so routine that they barely merit comment. As public services decay, the public is repeatedly reassured (with the support of suitably massaged statistics) that the generosity and benevolence of the state has never been greater. Public life has fallen into disrepute and the cynicism of the people knows no bounds.

2. "Indisputably, the greatest change in Washington over the past 25 years has been the preoccupation with money. It has transformed politics and it has subverted values. It has led good people to do things that are morally questionable, if not reprehensible. It has cut a deep gash, if not inflicted a mortal wound, in the concept of the public service." (Elisabeth Drew, veteran Washington journalist).

(C) Cross-sectoral problems