Unethical practices of priesthood

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Malpractice of clergy
Incompetent priests
Fraudulent religious leaders
Abuse of religious office
Illegal activities of church officials
Intimidation by priests
Religious misconduct
Religious scandal
Misappropriation of church funds
Sexual abuse by priests
Church collaboration with enemy forces
Defrauding parishioners
Swindling, embezzlement, child molesting, robbery, frequenting of prostitutes, adultery, rape, death plots, and are some of the list of hypocritical and criminal behaviours of which clergymen have been found guilty. In the USA in 1993 numerous accusations of past sexual abuse by Catholic priests provoked persecutions, civil suits and out of court settlements. The church was forced to re-examine its past responses to such charges. These have frequently been characterized by an impulse to cover-up the matter by simply reassigning delinquent priests. A bureaucratic propensity to protect the institution, coupled with a poor understanding of sexual psychopathology, had led church officials to put institutional reputation over regard for victims. France's Roman Catholic Church has been accused of fully supporting the Nazi government of Vichy France.

In 1998 a vicar in the UK was convicted of defrauding parishioners by overcharging for weddings, baptisms and funerals over a period of 10 years.

Whilst the Catholic bishop who broke his vow of celibacy is able to confess his "sins", truly repent, be granted absolution, and receive the sacraments, Catholic divorcees are excluded from communion and are considered adulterous if they remarry or have a loving physical relationship with another partner.
The Authority of the Church's teaching has never depended on the faith or moral perfection of her ministers. Imperfect instrument (vessels of clay ?) do not invalidate the treasure they hold.
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