Unethical practice of anthropology

Myths about anthropology
Misrepresentation in anthropology
Corruption of anthropologists
Underreporting of hazards to minority cultures
Misconduct of social anthropologists
Harassment by field anthropologists
Bribery of anthropologists
Illegal acquisition of cultural artefacts
Abusive cultural research
Anthropologists, under pressure from their employers, have adopted practices which lead to the underreporting of hazards to minority cultures, especially as a consequence of intrusion by other cultural systems. Bioscientists have failed to investigate adequately the nature of such hazards in the process of further developing knowledge about such cultures. There is little peer control of irresponsible intervention in minority cultures with the associated introduction of exotic artefacts and modes of behaviour. Anthropologists participate in acquisitive practices by universities, universities and art galleries which deprive cultures of their traditional artefacts, some of which may be vital symbols of their cultural heritage.
(D) Detailed problems