Undomesticated men

Lack of house training
The lack of house training of the majority of today's businessmen is the major cause of the world's pollution. Today's boardrooms are peopled by man-children; barely potty-trained, unable to locate a gold cuff-link without help, who make a virtue out of their inability to even boil an egg. They grew up and went to expensive universities under the care of maids who made their beds, cooks who prepared their meals, laundry ladies who washed up after them. They are taught that not only is the mess they leave behind is not their responsibility but it is not even their concern. Because they close their eyes to their own everyday messes, and have them whisked expertly and invisibly away, how can they be expected to see the ghastly cesspit they are making of our planet ? Gandhi recognized the dangers of such blindness and believed every person should be responsible for themselves. That responsibility extended to the everyday things of cleaning and feeding oneself.
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