Underutilization of locally available skills

Uncatalogued community skills
Untapped local talents
Unused local skills
Unrecognized income skills
Overlooked personal skills
Unknown existing skills
Unidentified local interests
Many local people possess skills and abilities which could be exchanged or shared, whether in repair, construction and traditional crafts, or in teaching and other forms of creative leadership. The use of such local skills and wisdom to small communities is often overlooked, and the creation of methods for sharing these skills does not keep pace with the need.
Buildings deteriorate even though local skills could easily refurbish them. Older residents' handicraft skills are basically overlooked as contributions to the cultural life of the community, as there are few situations where they can be displayed or utilized, although the skills of many are hobby-oriented and self-fulfilling. Many older skilled tradesmen and businessmen have no apprentice positions to enable them to pass on wisdom to the next generation, while at the same time young people are often underemployed and do not see possibilities for contributing to the community's future.
(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems