Underprivileged ideological minorities

Threats to ideological movements and minorities
Religious, political, social or economic ideological minorities are discriminated against and harassed. Discrimination may take the form of police or individual harassment, arrest, or discrimination in employment, education and housing. Ideological minorities involved in political, social or economic matters are likely to be in confrontation with the national administration, and take this as a pretext for the involvement of an outside power favourable to their cause, or for war. Discrimination against such minorities (religious minorities included) may give rise to terrorism and a state of civil war.

Ideological minorities, whether religious or nontheistic ideological groups or political movements, may also be threatened by conformism or ideological repression. They may be considered subversive and be severely repressed; they may find difficulties in coming to terms with the majority way of life; and they may be attacked by public authorities for not complying with public regulations on health or education.

Social fragmentation [in 6 loops]
Cultural fragmentation [in 4 loops]
(D) Detailed problems