Uncontrolled application of technology

Visualization of narrower problems
Indiscriminate application and distribution of technology
Bulldozer technology
Those benefiting from technologies developed to meet specific needs often apply them as widely and quickly as is feasible, tending to ignore any feedback which questions such application. The desire to allow a technology to continue to supply needs hampers the ability to see negative consequences and overrides any decision to take the necessary steps to ensure that such technology operates in a global context relative to environmental protection. This often leads to environmental imbalances.
Technology has served the interests of aggression, genocide, saturation bombings, and economic exploitation, making some classes and nations richer at the expense of others. The root of the problem is not in technology as such, but in its generation, its management, its use, and in the difficulty of controlling it. The need is not for the slower development of technology, either in advanced or in developing countries. Such a slowdown would cruelly sacrifice the interests of millions of underprivileged people whose hopes and expectations cannot begin to be met without more technology. What is absent is more thoughtful and careful application of all technologies to prevent long-range damage to the earth and violence to human values, and to foster social, economic and cultural development.
(C) Cross-sectoral problems