Unadapted significance of cultural tradition

Visualization of narrower problems
Unarticulated community story
Forgotten community story
Unadapted creativity of traditional lifestyles
Communities need to deliberately strengthen their unique identities in order to promote creative self-reliance. The strong individualism that has grown up over the years among the people of many developing communities often prevents them from working and celebrating together, despite many clubs and groups. Until new patterns emerge in some areas and a deeper appreciation of existing heritage in others, providing the set patterns for farming, roles of women, and families, which help create the community's self-image, the motivation needed for development will not be generated.
At the same time as it is increasingly necessary for a society's heritage to provide cultural identity and cohesion during times of change, many small communities find themselves in a world very foreign to their traditions. The traditional rites of passage for youth are slowly disappearing; and the community's past is not re-enacted to provide young people with models to follow, and on which to base their own image of who they are and why they were born into their particular community. Children know few, if any, of the basic traditions and legends of their culture. Without recovering past heritage and relating it to the present day, the possibility of maintaining a community's unique culture is severely limited.
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