Trapping of animals

Cruel animal traps
It is estimated that there are approximately 2 million trappers in the USA alone, and for 50,000 of these it is a major source of income. Trapping is an important activity in northern countries such as Canada, Scandinavia and the USSR. The number of animals killed for the fur trade is estimated to be in excess of 50 million per year, but of these 50% are raised in captivity, the remainder being trapped. Another estimate gives 20 million animals trapped annually in North America using the leghold trap.

In 1988, patrols in the Parc National des Volcans, Rwanda, reported removing more than 2,000 illegal traps.

The agony and terror of trapped animals is excruciating. In the case of the leghold trap, the animal awaits the arrival of the trapper who finally kills it by clubbing or through strangulation (to protect the fur). Many animals, especially nursing mothers, have been known to chew off their legs to escape.
Since there are few natural predators left in the wild, trappers fulfil an important function in maintaining a natural balance and preventing the population escalation of certain species.
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