Threatened species of Insecta

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Endangered species of insects
Insects under threat of extinction
The special function of many species in the stability of the ecosystem is not well known, nor is it known how many insect species are endangered by man's impact on the natural environment. Estimates of the number of species of insects vary from 700,000 to 2 million. They represent about 80% of known animal life and are very widespread and adaptable. In the temperate zone for example, an average acre of soil may have over 4 million insects. Only a few thousand species are such as to affect man's activities in a manner which requires some form of control measures.
As an example of the extent of the threat, 25% of about 200 species butterfly are threatened, and in the last 20 years many populations have declined by at least 50%.
Increasing habitat destruction is undoubtedly the most significant threat to many species of insects and results from forestry, agriculture, and industrial, urban and recreational development. The point has been reached where a code for collecting should be considered in the interests of conservation of the insect fauna.
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