Subversion of international agreements

Decisions or principles that are adopted at the international level are apparently being ignored, countermanded or eroded in many instances through unilateral regulation by states. One reason is disenchantment over the leisurely pace at which international conventions or other agreements are implemented or indeed are left to rest idle or seem to be subverted by one means or another. Another reason is the insidious world-wide effect of the economic recession of recent years, which, in the absence of effective international countervailing measures, has encouraged unilateral initiatives. Commercial tension between states is serious in many trades and has raised a spectre of uncooperativeness on a global scale. Unnecessary decisions already taken at the international level cause other areas of outstanding dispute to be of more unmanageable proportions. Threats and counter-threats against unilateral activities have been announced by many countries; if pursued, these would further aggravate international relations and retard the creation and implementation of instruments of international cooperation.
(D) Detailed problems