Spitting in public places

Spittle was historically believed to have magical properties. Early people experienced themselves at the centre of the universe, their own bodies being connected with cosmic bodies, gods, demons, the colours, plants, elements and directions. Spittle, blood, sperm, sweat, nails and hair became magical substances not only as a result of this unity but also because, after leaving the person's body, they still retained something of that person's essence. Connections are still made between our bodily fluids and our feelings: anger makes the blood "boil", and one "spits" out angry words. The AIDS virus has of course intensified this mythology in the contemporary mythology. Spitting has taken on a very negative connotation, pointing to a harsh rejection of an individual or situation. Spitting as a way of clearing one's throat is also unsanitary, especially in areas in which tuberculosis is endemic.
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