Somatic and psychosomatic effects of torture

Visualization of narrower problems
Victims of torture have a loss of hearing due to the telephone torture, simultaneous blows on both ears. Bones are broken, muscles are torn or bruised. They walk in pain due to falanga, the systematic beating of the soles of the feet. Rectums are injured in the form of scars and abscesses after the insertion of bottles, police batons or other instruments in the anus. Teeth are lost from electrical torture to the gums and teeth or being broken. Women have had periods of menstrual disturbances and miscarriages.
In a study of 135 victims of torture, examined two to seven years after the events showed the following symptoms: headache 36%, reduced hearing 15%, vision disturbances 14%, intolerance to alcohol 11%, vertigo 4%, gastro-intestinal symptoms 32%, pains in the joints 19%, cardio-pulmonary symptoms 22%, difficulty walking 17%, pains related to trauma 13% and other symptoms 18%.
(E) Emanations of other problems