Socially sterile rental accommodation

Monotonous housing facilities
Rented accommodation, whether from private landlords or public housing agencies, works against the natural processes which allow people to form stable, self-healing communities. Rental areas are always the first to turn into slums: residents have no incentive to maintain and repair the homes since the improvements add to the wealth of the landlord, and even justify higher rent; landlords try to build rental properties which are immune to neglect; gardens are replaced with green asphalt or concrete, and trees give way to flowerbeds, as the landlord tries to keep his maintenance and repair costs as low as possible; and every attempt is made to make new units maintenance-free. Yet the sterile decor and industrial appearance of such dwellings encourages neglect or overt abuse, particularly by alienated youth, so the typical piece of rental property degenerates over the years.
(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems