Sexist discrimination in epistemology

Gender bias in conceptual frameworks
Patriarchy as a conceptual trap
Active prejudice towards feminine epistomolgies
Women tend to favour the construction of more holistic epistemologies in which subject and object are in sympathetic resonance with one another. The universalization of logos or calculative reality as the primary method of understanding and interpreting reality has patriachalized Western modes of thought within all social structures. Language as the symbolic expression of masculine ignorance, has left Western man a one-sided being or, to use religious language, a "fallen body". Feminine epistemologies have been severely ignored by Western culture. The politicization of the male interpretation of reality legitimizes the social order by condemning all other social or psychological realities to "madness" or as prescientific and therefore repressive myths. The dualistic objectification of nature can be readily equated with masculinity.
(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems