Search for individualistic meaning

Twentieth Century society has stripped the meaning from an individual having a vocation, a life work or single purpose to one's life. Most life-styles currently available do not enable people to engage effectively in society. People are being forced to search for personal meaning within the scope of what they do and what they are. Generally this is reduced to the role of employee. The individual should be self-sufficient, self-motivating and self-controlled putting him beyond the normal interdependency of society and disrelated from society's needs.
People seek the purpose of existence in their work, family, society, and cultural tradition, many of which no longer give meaning. As a part of real, everyday experience, people in the 20th Century have seen a collapse many of the understandings that gave meaning to their hopes and ambitions. While in the midst of bitter disillusionments and painful failures in aspiration, the individual comes to doubt his own creative worth in society. Nevertheless, a deep desire for creative action is retained. The more doubts there are, the stronger the desire to express creatively; while the experience of futility impels the destruction of others' creations. There is a collapse in the meaningfulness of social participation.
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