Restrictive social policies

Counterproductive social restrictions
Over-regulation of public life
Unwarranted social prohibitions
Compulsory social obligations
Gratuitous restrictions
Overcomplicated implementation of citizen rights and responsibilities
Guidelines and laws relating to individual freedom and commercial practices which are unnecessarily restrictive. In many instances these restrictions or warnings are patronizing or over-protective, and their establishment and monitoring consumes public funds which are wrung from underserviced areas.
A city restaurant in the USA was unable to use its private lawn for outdoor dining because the state law forbade the serving of alcohol if there was not "a high wall or fence" between the drink and the passerby. On the nearby corner any teenager could buy street drugs.
In so-called "civilized" societies, whilst faced with clear neglect of public services, one encounters a burgeoning amount of official rules, regulations and gratuitous advice. One can be but dismayed at the way administrative paternalism has spilled over into the entire field of public life -- our eating, drinking, smoking, driving, and even bedroom habits.
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