Reduction of diversity through policy

Visualization of narrower problems
Insensitivity of policy making to preservation of diversity
Bureaucratic attrition of diversity
Directives of the European Commission are perceived to be unreasonable in that they reduce the range of plant species (apples, seed varieties etc), processed food products (chocolate, beer, cheeses etc), animal species (rare breeds etc) to facilitate marketing across national frontiers. A consequence is that people are progressively deprived of food and other products traditionally associated with their culture and quality of life.

European Union policy further indirectly reduces the diversity of available seed types for sale within a country by permitting only the sale of seeds listed on a national list of seeds. Seed farms cannot afford to pay the fee for maintaining lesser-known seeds on the list. This policy greatly infringes civil liberties, by preventing vendors from selling harmless seeds to purchasers.

(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems