Rapidly changing cultures

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Rapidly changing culture
Confusion induced by rapid social change
The effects of rapid social change are apparent in many different areas, but their repercussions on psychological and physical health have yet to be evaluated, and in some cases, even questioned. The changes in relationship between man and his social environment are causing an increase in isolation and breakdown in the stability of social relations. When members of a community or social group feel estranged from their society and culture (by no longer sharing its social norms and values), they feel isolated, frustrated, and powerless to affect events or control their own destinies; these persons run particular risk of behavioural disorders. The social and cultural structure has lost cohesion and consequently its values are in confusion.

Modern technology has also revolutionized many other basic needs of social life. The constant fears of pollution from radiation and the uses to which nuclear power may be put diminish the pleasure and relaxation man derives from nature, and also breed dismay for the welfare of future generations. Eating customs and dietary habits are influenced by the availability of pre-prepared foods, often hurriedly taken while standing at a 'bar'; leisure and recreation are dominated by television and other spectator pursuits; the pattern of working life is dictated by the pace, monotony, and programme of automated machinery; and accelerated transportation not only brings infectious diseases to previously uncontaminated districts, but also increases motor accident rates and separates home and workplace, thus adding the additional stress of commuting.

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