Perverse globalization

Visualization of narrower problems
Uncontrolled globalization
Globalization based on overexploitation of the labour force and the pillaging of natural resources and destruction of the environment in the peripheral countries, which are integrating thanks to the absence of protection. This would include a "wild" uncontrolled process of mobility in economic factors, communications and exchanges and the subsequent destruction and restructuring of life systems leading to social and cultural disintegration.
It is a commonplace to say that the dominant process in the world today is "globalization". There has been a fantastic increase in world trade in the last few years as a consequence of the economic opening of countries with centrally planned economies and third world countries, and the growth of communications. Nevertheless, the concept of "globalization" takes on different meanings depending on the country's position in the world. What for some countries on the periphery of world capitalism is an opening and acquisition of new economic, social and cultural models, is for others, in the centres of world capitalism, the reaffirmation and export of their own economic, social, political and cultural values. The same word, used in different places, acquires radically different meanings.
(C) Cross-sectoral problems