Permissive education

Unconstrained educational self-expression
When there is real talent, self-expression has the great advantage of increasing the chances of its discovery. But when equal value is attached to all forms of self-expression this ultimately leads to the extreme perversion of the progressive idea, namely that any form of expression is of value and that any notion of a "correct" form of expression is to be derided. Furthermore, when combined with an emphasis on child-centred education, individualism becomes equated with selfishness so that the child comes to dominate the school and the curriculum. Progressive educators insist that the curriculum make sense to the child. This insight is perverted when the child's comprehension is equated with the child's likes and dislikes. Such extreme advocates of permissiveness overlook the effect of excessive responsibility on youngsters in making choices without the benefit of experience or any appreciation of the challenges and needs of wider society. The long-term results are insecurity and lack of purpose.
(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems