Patterns of Deficient Wood Yang in the body

In Chinese medicine, the [Liver] is the [Yin Organ] of [Wood]. The [Gall Bladder] is the [Yang Organ] of [Wood]. Deficient [Wood Yang] may be caused by lack of [Yang] in the [Gall] [Bladder] or overactivity of [Yin] in the [Liver]. This lack of [Yang] energy in [Wood] leads to suppressed rage, sarcasm, cynicism, bitterness and, in general, an inability to get angry. It expresses itself in apathy, sluggishness, resignation and depression.
[Wood] is the first element of the Chinese elemental cycle and is called the 'young Yang". It manifests in the [Liver] and [Gall] [Bladder], in the muscles and tendons, in the eyes and their tears. The emotions ascribed to [Wood] are produced by the [Liver] and [Gall] [Bladder]: irritability, anger, fury and rage. [Wood] represents the desire for movement and growth and engages the creative and adventurous spirit.
(E) Emanations of other problems