Paternal negligence

Absent fathers
Irresponsible fatherhood
Paternal deprivation
Male parental irresponsibility
Surrendered father role
It is generally easier for men to avoid the responsibilities of parenthood than women. Following divorce or the breakup of a relationship, fathers may be reluctant to provide any support for children engendered during that relationship. Reluctance to provide support may sometimes stem from a desire for revenge. More often it is out of necessity.
In Russian single mothers are subjected to isolation and social disapproval, but men who abandon their families, or even several families, are not censured. Public opinion accepts fathers who do not pay child support, blaming the women for her poverty.
1. Men, who have sexual relationships with emotionally immature women without marriage and without commitment, conceive children and move on to new conquests. For them lechery is glamorous and the successful philanderer is envied by younger men. Those in positions of influence, politician, sportsmen, media stars, teachers, doctors and bosses exploit these roles, much like the dominant male in a baboon troop. By their actions, these men teach that it is acceptable to use women like prostitutes; sexual irresponsibility is a rite of manhood. The mothers who bear their children often struggle in squalor to find food and clothing for their babies these men cavalierly ignore.

2. Traditionally if a women was made pregnant, the pressure was on the father to marry her or get the child adopted. Now men are willing to impregnate the woman, not marry her, and decline any responsibility for the child.

3. Women do not leave their children; men do. Most societies condone men having multiple sexual relationships, regardless of upholding marriage as sacred. It is power to have women; you can have them, you can own them. So it is the same all over the world; fathers abandon their families and go off.

The resources of most divorced men are insufficient to support two households. It has been claimed that 85% of divorcees are living around the subsistence level in Germany. Many divorced men on middle incomes claim they end up eking out a miserable existence in cramped flats, with mounting debts, high legal costs, and often maintenance arrears, whilst women who have not worked during marriage are rewarded for it.
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