Passive public support of terrorism

Through its passivity, the public may be unwittingly supporting terrorism. Individuals may express irritation at the annoyances caused by the counter-measures, or attempt to evade them; families, religions groups and schools fail to demonstrate to young people that not only is terrorism illegal but it is barbaric and profoundly incompatible with the values accepted by most countries, and that the terrorist, regardless of the amount of attention afforded by the media, is not a hero but a loser; the public fails to express its outrage or to support government in tracking down and prosecuting terrorists, and appears unaware that silence could one day have a direct, personal effect, since everyone is a potential victim.
Violence cannot be ignored. Not only is history a record of violence, but current events provide further, daily examples. We cannot therefore raise children in a world without violence, since no such world exists. But at least, we can avoid crime films, westerns, etc, which depict the man who shoots straight and kills with his first bullet as a hero; which resent a glamourized image of violence, thus passively supporting terrorism.
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