Over-concentration of capitalist development

Concentration of wealth in centres of industrialization
Globalization is producing a twofold process of concentration in the centres of greatest capitalist development. One the one hand the world's wealth is increasing and becoming concentrated in them, while on the other hand internal inequity is growing, concentrating the wealth in just a few hands.
For many of the developed countries, the processes of globalization have enabled them to embark on a new cycle of expansion in economic terms and a new cycle of worldwide spreading of their values and customs. The opening of the borders of countries living in a planned economy system and countries with protected economies has meant a substantial increase in room for manoeuvre by transnational companies and corporations with links with developing countries. This increase in levels of economic growth, product and goods available has not produced the consequence of a greater spread of wealth but, on the contrary, greater economic concentration, both in the developed countries and in the upper classes of the population in countries linked in with the new globalized activities. This twofold process of concentration is one of the characteristics of the current process of globalization.
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