Offensive microwave weapons

Weaponization of electromagnetic radiation
Psychotronic weapons
Psychoelectronic threat
The main power that these weapons have is that, while the victims are being attacked they are totally unaware of the fact that they are under serious threat from an outside source, and therefore have no means whatsoever of self defence.

The weapons are known within the "trade" as non-lethal weapons or silent weapons. These weapons are not new, they have been operational and used in warfare and on innocent members of society for over 50 years. The Russian military were the original leaders in "Psy-Ops Warfare", as it is now called, during the fifties, designing the technology to a very high standard.

1. Anyone can be targeted for remote mind control experimentation by the intelligence agencies, yet there are specific types and groups of people that have been labelled by the establishment as undesirable and are therefore, dispensable. These "targets" include, but are certainly not limited to, ethnic minorities, the psychologically imbalanced, prisoners, criminals, ex-criminals, foreigners, sexual deviants, drug addicts and the terminally ill.

2. Assassination attempts are also a major use of these silent weapons against anyone that may be upsetting the status quo of the establishment. This may include anyone who researches and expounds into areas of "sensitive" information and knowledge that would not normally be expressed within the mainstream media.

3. Assassination "targets" also include politicians, military and police intelligence personnel and black government project workers, who may begin to understand a little too much of their organisation's true agenda, and start to question their motives.

4. For decades, military and police intelligence have lied to the public by denying the existence of Remote Mind Control Weapons. It is now becoming clearly evident to society, via the mainstream media that the U.S. Military used Remote Microwave Mind Control Weapons en masse against the Iraqi troops during the Gulf War.

5. The massive number of microwave antennae that dot the country, some of which are used for the microwave phone network, all use pulse modulated microwaves, which makes their use for a strategic mind control device against the civilian population in times of trouble, or rioting, crucial to modifying the behaviour of the general population. In modern democracies it is no longer viable to shoot rioters, or torture dissidents by normal means, as the bad publicity is self defeating. Thus, microwave weapons have been developed by the UK's military intelligence as they leave no marks, or gaping wounds.

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