Asian ascendancy

Occidentalism is a distorted and stereotyped image of Western society (the occident), which can be held by people inside and outside the Western world and which can be articulated or implicit. The term emerged as the reciprocal of the notion of Orientalism – Western stereotypes of the Eastern world, the Orient.

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The things Occidentalists hate about the West are not always the ones that inspire hatred of the USA. The two issues should not be conflated. Some people hate the West because they were helped by the West, and some because they were not. Specifically, some resent the way the USA helped their own hateful governments gain or stay in power. Some feel humiliated by the very existence of the USA, and some by US foreign policy. With some on the left, hatred of the USA is all that remains of their leftism; anti-Americanism is part of their identity. The same goes for right-wing cultural Gaullists. Anti-Americanism is an important political issue, related to Occidentalism but not quite the same thing.
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