National disintegration

National disintegration results in control, open or disguised, by another country. It may be caused by debt, poverty, cultural invasion, economic imperialism or social breakdown within the country. A country may be subjected to military occupation because of ideological deviancy or may be substantially altered by ideological 'support'. The results of disintegration may be ethnic conflict, violence or apathy, exploitation, and forced assimilation.
Although in the 20th century it has become more difficult for nations to be absorbed or annexed by others with the use of military force, political and economic influence of large powers is very strong. Small and developing countries are very susceptible.
The present-day division of the world between the two super-powers has resulted in the larger nations taking the stance of gangsters while the smaller, less self-sufficient nations are forced into the role of prostitutes or "gangsters' molls", doing whatever a larger nation requires in order to receive its protection.
Martial law [in 6 loops]
Exploitation [in 7 loops]
Ethnic conflict [in 30 loops]
Forced assimilation [in 13 loops]
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