Modern disruption of traditional symbol systems

Visualization of narrower problems
Contradiction between the old and new
Disintegration of old social frameworks
Many societies are faced with the contradiction between old and new ways. In some communities technological civilization has arrived abruptly and fully developed, thus disintegrating the social fabric. Local symbol systems, which have informed every dimension of life in traditional communities for, in some cases, thousands of years, have been assaulted by this 'modern' civilization to the point where the residents themselves talk of these systems as 'primitive' or 'superstitious'. As a result, they do not realize how great the past has been. Closely related to this is the fact that there are no images profoundly related to community experience of life which relate to future possibilities. Such shame about own ancient symbols deeply fragments communal life. Cooperative effort, which is always dependent upon shared common symbols, cannot be fostered effectively. The rhythm of daily life, as well as the patterns of weeks, months and years becomes chaotic.
(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems