Misuse of the law

Overuse of legal procedures
1. The law is systematically debased in the name of the law. Law is applied to all manner of disputes and conflicts, whether political, economic or even sexual, for which it is ill-suited. The law assumes that "right" and "wrong" can always be appropriately and unambiguously distinguished. In most conflicts however, there are gradations of right and wrong which it is inappropriate to use the law to resolve.

2. Overuse of the law subverts respect for the law. Because people are increasingly afraid of provoking law suits, the situation is open to more abuse by the legal profession and legislators able to exploit it for their own advantage.

3. So many aspects of life are increasingly codified in law, that every bad judgement, indiscretion or honest mistake now offers the potential for a lawsuit.

4. Laws are increasingly expansive and uncertain because they are used aggressively by political groups, government agencies, and policy elites to advance their own agendas and impose artificial consensus.

5. Law will always be imperfect. It is however being made increasingly imperfect by its overuse.

(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems