Mismanagement of food resources


Much of the starvation and malnutrition prevalent today is not due to problems of food production, but rather international food disorder rooted in the mismanagement of food resources. Many countries in the South produce foods which are insufficient in providing their peoples with a balanced diet, thus they are dependent upon the markets of wealthier nations. Agricultural infrastructure, research and finance are aimed at improving the production of export crops rather than at producing foods to be consumed by the countries' peoples; concurrent with this is the forced reduction of crops in industrialized countries, which elevates food prices.


Food is often used in international affairs as a political weapon. This bargaining, interfering and manipulating is counter to the fundamental and basic human right of all people to have adequate food. Every national also has the right to self-determination and self-reliance, and under no circumstances should food supplies - and food disorder - be used to control or limit that right.

(C) Cross-sectoral problems