Manipulation of students

The fear of legitimate student organization causes representatives of the status quo to exert themselves in subverting the energy and voice of youth. School trustees, administrators and tenured faculty entrench themselves with quasi-legal powers of summary justice. Students may be cowed by threats of political blackmail, grade distortion, suspension, expulsion, scandal, or malicious prosecution for such things as trespass, nuisance, breaking into school property, or damages. Students may also be forced to report on others' words and actions, and even to bully and actually physically harm their fellows. Counsellors and chaplains fail to be students' advocates and the administration uses parents to control the minds and behaviour of their adult offspring. Where military training is given in conjunction with academic subjects, the weight of the military system of injustice is brought to bear, with physical penalties of compulsory exercise, labour or other harassment.

Students may also be manipulated by natural and international political or religious organizations, who infiltrate the student body and subsidize the presentation of their ideologies by supposed students whose real roles, however, are those of missionaries and recruiters. Students are also manipulated by organized crime, which finds the campus an ideal market for drugs. For the individual higher education is an opportunity, but higher educational institutions are a threat.

(E) Emanations of other problems