Low-intensity conflict

Small war
Low-level conflict
Police operation
Limited war
The military doctrine of low-intensity conflict draws on counterinsurgency strategy of the early Vietnam War years, lessons from experiences in Lebanon, Central America, the Falklands war, and Afghanistan. In addition to counterinsurgency activity "pro-insurgency" (support of anti-government insurgents), counterterrorism, narcotics interdiction and police operations of the type used by the USA in Grenada. Specially trained units are developed and prepared for rapid deployment.
If engaging in a limited war results in a series of battle field defeats strong pressure would come to bear on the government to escalate the level of conflict. This could not only lead to a major long term commitment to a war like the USA in Vietnam or the USSR in Afghanistan. In pro-insurgency campaigns may provoke major attacks on countries providing sanctuary for insurgents also escalating the war.
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