Loss of internal political borders

Dissolution of national boundaries
Enforced socio-economic adjustment in border regions
Fragmenting district boundaries
Internal borders make up roughly 60% of almost 10,000 km of land frontiers in the European Community. The regions along these borders (as defined for Community purposes) account for around 15% of the total area of the EEC/EU and 10% of its population. With increasing integration, the internal frontiers are losing much of their previous significance, although this is not necessarily being reflected in development planning. There is the danger that the peripheral nature of regions bordering on non-Community countries will increase whilst other regions which are now peripheral in their national context will become more central in a more integrated community, in particular those on Germany's western borders and in the border areas between France and Italy. Developing relations with neighbouring countries will create increased pressures in border areas (for example from migratory flows) and impose economic adjustments in trade.
(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems