Libertarian believe in free will.
The cause of liberty is not best served by seeking it at all costs and under all circumstances. To do so is to misunderstand the value and purpose of freedom, an error which is in itself a threat to liberty since it detaches freedom from the moral order which alone gives it meaning and justification. Freedom is not an end in itself and cannot be philosophically justified except within the context of a pre-existing moral order which is recognized as transcendent and objective, and which provides reasons for not only valuing liberty but also for limiting it. Similarly libertarians tend to worship the market in the sense of accepting or tolerating almost any activity or outcome as long as it is the result of free choice or voluntary consent. This can reflect or encourage moral relativism, when all cultures and lifestyles should not be considered equal. It is simplistic to hold that the actions of individuals, however repugnant, should not be regulated or censored except when they directly threaten or restrict the equal rights and freedoms of others.
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