Lack of sharing of community skills

Unshared know-how
Unshared domestic skills
Unshared usable skills
Although there may be a feeling that members of a community may have practical skills, such skills tend not to be used or shared simply because their existence is not known. Besides practical employment skills not being shared, there is also a lack of sharing of the social skills necessary to provide a relevant set of moral values and family practices for day-to-day living. This gap in skill sharing is widened by certain unfounded prejudices and a growing disrespect between ages. The need to recreate a sense of community well-being makes new skill learning critical. Adult education programmes may be offered, but if it is not clear what practical skills are demanded, the programmes are not effective in the retraining process.
[Developing countries] Despite a strong desire to learn domestic skills and the necessity for structured forms of child education, the talents of village women are largely untapped and hindered by tradition-bound practices, and those able to teach children lack practical training. The inability of residents to learn broad and comprehensive practical skills results in the economic and educational growth of a community remaining dormant or even declining, making it unable to participate effectively in the broad development of the nation.
(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems