Lack of opportunities for practical training in communities

Restrictions on the grass-roots acquisition of technical knowledge
Limited local availability of technical, agricultural and business training
Inadequate practical training in rural areas
Inability of communities to take advantage of vocational training
Lack of local training schemes
In an age when vocational training is capable of making a wide range of modern technological skills available to any community, the lack of local provision for such training means that the reservoir of practical skills in some rural communities is extremely limited. As a result, residents find themselves ill-equipped for carrying out basic development. Because rural communities do not have at their disposal the possibility for training in the wide range of practical skills necessary for present-day living, there are few trained people locally available. Those wishing to be trained have the financial burden of seeking such training in urban areas. Many villages are still faced with insufficient business management skills to fulfil their vision of the future.

Many rural areas are expanding both their agricultural production and commercial enterprises, but lack opportunities for training in the skills needed for modern farming and the expansion of commercial business. Introduction of new machinery for farming and industry may therefore be inhibited by a lack of training in using and repairing the equipment. Provision of the necessary technical training is crucial in order to fully tap local potential.

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