Visualization of narrower problems
Risk of being kidnapped
Abducting another person, or having abducted another person continues to hold them is kidnapping. The victim may be held for ransom or reward. They may be used as a shield or hostage. They might be held as slaves or involuntary servants. The victim may held to be terrorized or to terrorize another. They may be held so a crime can be committed or a government action prevented.
Abduction of women, now considered a serious crime throughout the world is probably a survival of one of the most primitive forms of marriage, marriage by capture. At the beginning of the nineteenth century it was still in full force among some Slavs. Teutonic and Scandinavian tribes regularly resorted to forcible abduction of women for wives. As did the early Greeks and Romans. Wars were frequently carried out to capturing wives. Traces of the same custom are found in the Old Testament. Many traces of this practice are still found in the marriage rituals. In some cases the bride groom is expected to go through the motions of capturing his bride. The bride in some places hides until found by the groom. In some ceremonies the bride is expected to resist and struggle. The bride is carried over the threshold of the new household.
(D) Detailed problems