Insufficient flow of information

Infrequent information dissemination
A two-way exchange of ideas and information - both economic and social - is essential for personal involvement in all national dynamics. Local people are frequently uninformed, misinformed or informed too late of the crucial plans which affect their lives. This communication breakdown causes unnecessary frustration and misdirected criticism on every level. Mass media devices such as radio, television, newspapers and bulletins may be available but they are simply a one-way information flow. They demonstrate the complexity of the modern world, thus expanding the internal imagination of local people, who can no longer live as if the village or the district were the whole universe. At the same time, the scale of modern society has made the opportunities for local citizens to put their own creativity into plans and actions that determine their future extremely remote. Long-range plans are increasingly made at the central rather than the local level, and local people cannot utilize their wisdom and creative ideas in the arenas where future is being formed.
In an age when the quantity of information on effective development has increased dramatically, there are few effective channels of information to inform a community about events in its own life. The people of small remote communities have not found adequate ways to use their own knowledge about life in their community nor information about resources available from society at large.
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