Indiscriminate slaughter of animals for pelts

Slaughter of animals for fur industry
Breeding of animals for skins
Inhumane fur imports
In 1989 it was estimated that, world-wide, 70 million animals are killed annually for their fur. Some animals are slaughtered whilst still young as in the case of seal pups and Karakul lambs. The latter are slaughtered within 48 hours of birth to make caps and lapels. Fur sales by the former Soviet Union, Canada and the USA to western European countries totalled an estimated $100 million in 1990 alone.
Many fur-bearing animals, raised in captivity, are accustomed to movement and extensive territories. Forced confinement is thus a severe source of stress. To protect the fur, such animals are slaughtered using painful methods (poisoning, electrocution, gassing). Others are caught in leghold traps, which are currently being lobbied against by animal-rights groups. Such animals rarely receive the protection legally afforded to livestock killed for meat.
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