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Completeness (logic) Completeness of a theory, the property of a theory that every formula in the theory's language or its negation is provable The completeness of the real numbers, which implies that there are no "gaps" in the real numbers Complete metric space, a metric space in which every Cauchy sequence converges Complete uniform space, a uniform space where every Cauchy net in converges (or equivalently every Cauchy filter converges) Complete measure, a measure space where every subset of every null set is measurable Completion (algebra), at an ideal Completeness (cryptography) Completeness (statistics), a statistic that does not allow an unbiased estimator of zero Complete graph, an undirected graph in which every pair of vertices has exactly one edge connecting them Complete category, a category C where every diagram from a small category to C has a limit; it is cocomplete if every such functor has a colimit Completeness (order theory), a notion that generally refers to the existence of certain suprema or infima of some partially ordered set Complete variety, an algebraic variety that satisfies an analog of compactness Complete orthonormal basis—see Orthonormal basis#Incomplete orthogonal sets Complete sequence, a type of integer sequence Complete (complexity), a notion referring to a problem in computational complexity theory that all other problems in a class reduce to Turing complete set, a related notion from recursion theory Completeness (knowledge bases), found in knowledge base theory Complete search algorithm, a search algorithm that is guaranteed to find a solution if there is one Incomplete database, a compact representation of a set of possible worlds Completeness, a 1998 collection of Miki Nakatani music videos "Complete" (Jaimeson song), a 2003 song by the British electronic music artist Jaimeson Complete (Lila McCann album), the third album by country music artist Lila McCann Complete (News from Babel album), a three-CD box set by the English avant-rock band News from Babel Complete (The Smiths album), a box set released by British band The Smiths on 26 September 2011 Complete (The Veronicas album), 2009 "Complete", a song by Kutless from To Know That You're Alive "Complete", a 2007 song by Girls' Generation from the album Girls' Generation Complete (BtoB album), 2015 Complete set of commuting operators (or CSCO), a set of commuting operators in quantum mechanics whose eigenvalues are sufficient to specify the physical state of a system Complete flower, a flower with both male and female reproductive structures as well as petals and sepals. See Sexual reproduction in plants Complete market, a market with negligible transaction costs and a price for every asset Completion (oil and gas wells), the process of making a well ready for production Completion (disambiguation) Completely (disambiguation) Compleat (disambiguation) Wholeness (disambiguation) All pages with titles containing incompleteness

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