Inappropriate projection of values onto other cultures

False assumptions concerning universal desirability of national lifestyle
Universal imposition of a way of life
1. Westerners tend to believe that they alone understand world problems. The ideas currently in fashion in Western circles are presented as truths of general validity and application. It is not only expected that other countries should adopt them but that they will be constrained by reality to do so. This is irrespective of the fact that the Western ideas in fashion tend to change from decade to decade.

2. Major nations such as the USA encourage the widely held view, both within and outside the USA, that all the world seeks to aspires to the "American way of life". The truth is that most foreigners do not really want to be just like Americans. Similarly the peoples of former colonies do not want to be just like those of their former colonial powers, whether it be the UK, France, Portugal or Spain. Such countries inhibit partial change for the better by trying to make the entire world adopt their particular way of life.

3. If it says 'one size fits all', it desn't fit anyone.

(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems